Welcome to Royal Milc, Inc.

The business of raising livestock depends heavily upon quality feed products. Quality products deliver the best performance and healthier, stronger young animals add profit to any operation. That's why you buy milk replacers based on quality. You also have the right to expect more than just products from a company. Both technical and sales service are important, too.

Royal Milc, Inc., with over 50 years in the milk replacer business, is dedicated to developing and producing top-quality products, offering full service, and helping those who use our products achieve top performance and profits. We strive to make the feeding of Royal Milc products simple, effective, and profitable. Our aim is your success and total satisfaction.

Individualization of your product

Royal Milc, Inc. can personalize your product with medicated or non-medicated formulas, probiotics, prebiotics, electrolytes, acids, nutraceuticals, and additional vitamins and minerals to meet your requirements.